Every day I come across a lot of these kinds of bugs/glitches that can easily be exploited to make easy money in bitcoins. Some are worth the effort, and some are not. Here is an example of such a loophole that you can exploit to make easy money in bitcoins. Note that I’m not a hacker, I am just a loophole hunter that takes advantage of glitch/bugs.

Today we’re talking of Paypal glitch and how to exploit it.

I will not enter any details of Paypal because most of you probably know what it is.

Firstly create a Paypal account here: https://www.paypal.com/.

PayPal has two features that we’re going to exploit in this guide.

1) PayPal sends money to friends & family. If you send money by friends and family, payment can not be reversed back to the sender account.

2)Paypal buyer protection. If you pay for some services and products, you can raise a dispute and get back your money.

In this case, you will need three Paypal accounts. Say accounts A, B, and C.

First, send money to account B from Account A for some products (be sure to enter the description) and enter some random delivery address. Now, send this money from Account B to Account C through friends and family options. Immediately withdraw all the money from Account c.

After a day or two, raise a dispute as ‘items not received’ from account A. Do not respond anything from account B. After few days, you will get the original payment that you sent from account A. Immediately withdraw all the available balance.

After Paypal fees and deductions, you will get around 90 % of the original payment as a fee. For example, if you send $100 from Account A. Around $90 will arrive in Account C. You will also get a $100 refund in account A.

So profit= 90$. And that’s easy money, I say.

If you’re having trouble with setting up multiple accounts, buy verified Paypal account from some marketplace

Note: Change account B after every use. I also suggest you use a fresh account for each task.

As a rule of thumb,” I never exploit glitches/bugs from the poor and the losers.”

Should you take advantage of this glitch/bugs? The simple answer this is completely up to you. Now, I always say that loopholes are the best. You’re not technically doing anything against the rules, but it feels like you’re getting away with something. That’s because, well, you are! It’s not your fault someone didn’t do their I’s and cross their T’s, right? I am sharing this completely free. You either take and enjoy it or leave it and regret later for not taking the advantage while the glitch existed. Make Hay While the Sun Shines.  As a rule of thumb,” I never exploit glitches/bugs from the poor and the losers.”

I highly recommend you use a good VPN.

Update: As of 15 May 2020, this method is so saturated that I keep getting complaints that some users’ accounts are freeze for 90 days, and they’re unable to withdraw money. Use it at your own risk. You can reach out to me at [email protected]

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