Every day I come across a lot of these kinds of bugs/glitches that can easily be exploited to make easy money in bitcoins. Some are worth the effort; some are not. Here is an example of such a loophole that you can exploit to make easy money in bitcoins. Note that I’m not a hacker, I am just a loophole hunter that takes advantage of glitch/bugs.

Today, while surfing the web, I stumbled upon this beautifully designed Bitcoins Casino gambling site https://www.mbitcasino.com. This is casino where one can play casino games using cryptocurrencies like bitcoins.

Like most casino sites/portal this site is also running a promotion where you get a 110% deposit bonus. This means if you deposit $100, you will get an extra $110 bonus. That is you have, $210 to play with.

But the bonus comes with notorious terms and conditions. In order to withdraw money won from the bonus, you will have to wager it 15x times. This is how casino sites cheat users. After all, casino sites are made for the owner to make money, not for the players.

The Glitch? The site allows the transfer of funds between friends for a 5% fee. Trying to make an extra 5% huh? The transferred balance does not need to be wagered separately.

How to exploit:

  1. Go to https://www.mbitcasino.com and create two accounts. Verify email in both of the accounts. You can also use a temporary email. Search email for this at least.
  2. Deposit $100 each on both accounts. With the bonus, you will have $210 on each account.
  3. Transfer the balance from the first account to the second account. On the second account play it 15 times with your bonus for $1 each. Now, casino sites are made in such a way that, in the beginning, you will end up winning, to attract users into depositing more. After 15 times, you will either end up having more than or less than $15 of the wagered balance. You will be left with something $350 or less. Withdraw the amount immediately!
  4. Repeat and rinse.

Should you take advantage of this glitch/bugs? The simple answerr is , its completely up to you. Now, I always say that loopholes are the best. You’re not technically doing anything against the rules, but it feels like you’re getting away with something. That’s because, well, you are! It’s not your fault someone didn’t do their I’s and cross their T’s, right? I am sharing this completely free. You either take and enjoy it or leave it and regret later for not taking the advantage while the glitch existed. Make Hay While the Sun Shines. As a rule of thumb,” I never exploit glitches/bugs from the poor and the losers.”

I highly recommend you use a good VPN.

Update: This is still working. I will update this page once the loophole/glitch stopped working.

Update: as of 23 June 2020, this is no longer working. The site closed the option of transferring funds between players.

You can reach out to me at [email protected]

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4 thoughts on “Make money with this Casino loophole

  1. Hanah Eatery says:

    Hello Sir,
    I don’t see the send to friends option

    1. Go to balance> Transfer> Transfer to friends> Enter the email of the other account

  2. We all know how this casinos jas been looting us. It’s time to loot them back. Thanks for the great share admin

  3. Hey, nice to see you back with another post. I was just wondering if I can deposit with paypal instead of bitcoins?

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